Contemporary jewellery collection, which would aid in forming a positive view of Latvian amber jewellery and its artistic and design qualities. It is important for a modern person to recognize their belonging to a specific nation and to take pride in the nature, cultural legacy and language of their country. The jewellery collection that has been created for both men and women is testimony to Latvian identity in the modern culture, where artists frequently draw inspiration from traditions and ornamentations of other countries.

Collection includes variety of jewellery types (necklaces, brooches, earrings, cufflinks, etc.) and is suitable for the request of a modern person for unique design jewellery.

Materials:silver, gold, amber, porcelain, wood

Style image reference:

Photography / style: Julia Prohorenkova

Make up / Hair: Dita Grauda

Assistant: Elīne Buka

Hair assistant: Ginta Grauda

Model: Ramona @ Freyja

Jackets: Jūlija Fedorenkova