Rasma Puspure

Rasma Puspure, who lives and works in Riga, Latvia, is studying at the Art Academy of Latvia, in the department of metal design, specialising in jewelry design.

When Rasma creates jewelry or anything else, she finds inspiration in the nature, in various ordinary processes or objects, in items. Her major challenge and at the same time the strong point is to see the beauty in details, that would not convey anything to others. However, her ability to transfer something untamed and contrary to the traditional views about jewelry materials, make her pieces so special!

"Everything that has come into being by accident, spontaneously and unexpectedly as well as everything created by nature inspires to uncover its natural beauty and lock it in jewelry. I make jewelry that questions unwritten structures and themes and that attracts others to think and feel. I think of jewelry as miniatures of life's content and dream of jewelry with subliminal messages.": says Rasma.