Miss Bean III

The collection, that began in the garden-house of my granny, while organizing the many seed packets. While inspecting the various seeds, examining their colors and textures a desire arose to keep them to myself and not plant them into the ground. Probably, I knew already then, that someday I will be a jewelry designer, because already then I began to string them on a rope and put it around my neck.

“Miss Bean” has been created thinking about edible organic matter and object transformation in jewelry. The idea is about a piece of jewelry that would be created from sections of strange and various forms. That is why I chose to use beans. They are light, solid and do not change the form. When coated with acryl, foil and several layers of lacquer, they become invulnerable and gain a different look, when we see them not only as edible object. They become some sort of pearls, all of them have their form and texture...


Materials: beans, acryl, golden or silver foil, lacquer, brass or Sterling silver