"Piece of Latvia"

Pendants for design competition "Piece of". (http://pieceof.com)

"While creating "Piece of Latvia", I imagined myself outside my country, what do I miss the most? Which are our true values? I came to the two base values, - nature and work, which I incorporated into both of "Pieces of Latvia" created by me."



Latvian love of nature and work is something that I cannot see in any other nation. That is the reason why in this "Peace of Latvia" I incorporated ear of grain - a symbol, which makes one think about golden fields of grain, hardworking and work loving people. To us Latvia is a small world, where nature is its main beauty and value.


“Piece of Bread“

The dark rye-bread baked by Latvian experts is our wealth, because it cannot be found in any other corner of the world. The ancient tradition of baking bread, warmth and care that is baked into genuine rye-bread is what mainly reminds Latvia to Latvians.