Dimensions of Distance 2020

FOTOCENTRUM RASEBORG // 24.9.2020-30.10.2020
The exhibition celebrates the 5-year anniversary of cooperation between Finland – Latvia friendship society Rozentals -seura and Fiskars Artist-in-Residence. The 6 alumnis of the program were invited to reflect the theme of distance in their exhibited works. The exhibition is curated by Kati Sointukangas from Fiskars Artist-in-Residence.
Rozentals -seura offers Latvian professional artists one-month residency periods in a vivid artist community in Southern Finland. The program has been very successful in bringing Latvian professional artists and designers to Finland. 
The inspiration the residency period offers can be generated in various ways. For some it is the vast wild nature, for others the sudden peace in one’s mind created by the surrounding silence. Some appreciate the possibilities of cooperation and spontaneous encounters in the unique creative community. Whatever it is, it is about distance to ones own life and it has an influence on the thinking, the process of creation and art in multiple ways. In this exhibition we not only see what the artists did during their residency in Finland but works that developed from there onwards or that reflect on dimensions of distance in a broader sense.