This is not a Heart

With a reference in the title to Magrits “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” I unveil my perceptions of joyful emotions and feelings in materialistic manifestations – pair of brooches. Heart as a simple shape that has been evolving trough time (also literally here - shaping in amber) gives us sweet sentimental feels just by looking at it. This work is also related to phenomena called pareidolia. We see shapes and emotions in our lives that we need more of or that we are focused on more. Joy is one of those things we should seek more of. Naturally heart-shaped amber appeared in the box of my grandfathers legacy, it just needed unveiling. As latvians see amber as relatively boring and old-school material i wanted to juxtapose it with the more valuable stones as sapphires and diamonds giving the pieces the chance of becoming more of what typical latvian sees in amber jewelry.