Dimensions of Distance

Through composing jewelry  I explore relationships between practices and rituals, artificial objects and their interconnection. Similarities among traditional art making processes, crafts and art training I received led my interests towards experimental practices of combining artificial as well as natural found objects. It is a game between  materials and myself - by using the same artifact as a basic module, variation and transformation of forms have no end. I destroy and reconstruct  materials digesting my past experience. Found materials of Fiskars historical industrial part were sliced to create the surface that looks as if the moment was frozen. Gemstones flicker iridescently, the stone-like surface is reflecting time in their solidity and permanence.

I do believe that all feeling and thinking reveal on the surfaces of jewelry subtly through composition, textures  and usage of shibuichi, silver and precious stones combined with found objects and steel wire. My work aims to change the viewer’s perception of the value of objects and materials through closer observation. To me jewellery is distant communication.